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Blog article by Hibarikyouya


Date 15/04/18 10:30 Views 32 Сomments 0

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HO CHI MINH CITY []Women's Von Miller Jersey[/url] , May 2 (Xinhua) -- Vietnam and Myanmar played neck to neck in the Group B second match of the 2015 AFF Women's Championship here on Saturday evening, with the final score of 3-2 in favor of the host.

Right from the start, players of both sides fought from the midfield, hoping for an early lead. In the fourth minute, after a blitz attack, Vietnamese players missed a scoring chance as their shot went right to Myanmar goalkeeper Mya Ngon.

One minute later, from a spectacular pass, Vietnamese Do Thi Yen blasted a low shot just outside the penalty box []Women's John Elway Jersey[/url] , putting her team ahead. In the 12th minute, Myanmar defender Khin Than Wai netted the equalizer after latching onto a corner kick then delivering a high shot that made Vietnamese 30-year-old goalie Dang Thi Kieu Trinh stand still.

In the 21st minute, Myanmar broke through their rivals' defense from the left wing. Unmarked midfielder Naw Phaw used her left leg to drive the ball to the post. The ball ran into the goal before the eyes of powerless goalie Kieu Trinh.

Eight minutes later, Vietnamese veteran striker Nguyen Thi Minh Nguyet received a long pass and drove the ball over the head of the Myanmar goalkeeper within the box, equalizing the score of 2-2.

In the second half, both Vietnamese and Myanmar players still performed well, striving for the lead, but their efforts were not paid off.

In the 83rd minute []Cheap Case Keenum Jersey[/url] , Vietnamese striker Huynh Nhu smashed up the game's stalemate with a powerful close-range header, sealing the final victory of 3-2 for her team.

Both Vietnam and Myanmar have twice crowned at AFF Women's Football Championship. Just before the 2015 tournament which lasts from May 1 to 10 with the participation of eight teams, the Vietnamese head coach Norimatsu Takashi said the team aims to finish first like it did in 2006 and 2012.

On Sunday, Australia will compete against Laos, and Indonesia plays Thailand.

In the opener of the 2015 AFF Women's Championship on Friday, Australia trounced Thailand 3-0, and Laos defeated Indonesia 2-0 on the same day.

Stress is prevalent in our society today. We live in a rushed and complex society. There are many problems which work themselves into our daily lives, and cause us to become stressed. There must be a vent for this stress []Cheap Von Miller Jersey[/url] , and we all need a hobby or some sort of release to help us to keep fit, both physically and mentally. There are many sports, hobbies, and games from which we can choose, to give us a safe and healthy outlet from our busy routine.

Kayaking is an interesting sport. There is nothing that will give a person more relaxation and comfort than sitting in a kayak, or a canoe, watching a beautiful sunset. This, within itself []Cheap John Elway Jersey[/url] , is a calming and relaxing activity. The beauty of nature, if you allow it to, will speak a calming and peaceful language to your soul.

Kayaking is a sport that will give you a workout physically, keep your mind occupied and off your problems, and help you to relieve stress. Whether you have ever kayaked, or not, you can learn the basics and get started. As you pursue the sport, you will learn more about it and get better at it.

When you begin the sport []Case Keenum Jersey[/url] , you must be sure to obtain the necessary equipment. As with any hobby, it can be expensive, but to start, only obtain the things that are necessary. The items that are necessary are, of course, the kayak. There are different kinds of kayaks, so be sure to know the kind of kayaking you plan to do before you buy, so that you don?t spend unnecessary money. You will also []Von Miller Jersey[/url] , with the kayak, need a paddle. The place where you buy your equipment can help you decide which paddle you need to go with the kayak that you purchase. You will also need some kind of life jacket or life preserver. These can be purchased wherever you purchase your supplies. A skirt on your kayak, will help to keep the water from getting into your boat. If you are only kayaking in a recreational fashion, you can do without the skirt, but if you are kayaking down the rapids, it will be necessary. You will also need a helmet, to protect your head. There are other items that can be purchased, to make the sport more enjoyable []John Elway Jersey[/url] , but you can decide whether these are important as you get more into the sport.

Many people kayak just for the sport of it. Kayaking includes many different kinds of activities. You can paddle a kayak or canoe, and just simply take in the calming effects of a quiet sunset, you can kayak or canoe in calm waters of different areas and take a picnic lunch, or simply enjoy the beauty of the world around you. You can take your time and enjoy your surroundings and let nature speak to you, or you can travel swiftly down a river with strong rapids, to give you the feeling of conqueror. Each person has different feelings, pleasures, and love of adventure []Denver Broncos Hats[/url] , so each one needs to find his own little niche. Kayaking may just be your cup of tea, and the greatest stress reliever ever.

by Xinhua writers Liu Xin, Kong Xiangxin

BEIJING, Sept. 29 (Xinhua) -- The north-south axis of China'sancient capital has been extended and revitalized.

On Sept. 29, Beijing authorities unveiled a general plan for thedevelopment of the central axis, called the Zhongzhouxian, from2016 to 2035. It aims to protect the city's history andculture.

The plan said the Zhongzhouxian is both historical anddeveloping, and preservation work should be coordinated withupgrades.

First created in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) []Denver Broncos T-Shirts[/url] , the originalZhongzhouxian was 3.7 kilometers. The Ming (1368-1644) and Qing(1644-1911) dynasties extended the length to 7.8 kilometers fromYongdingmen in the south to the Drum and Bell Towers in thenorth.

Chinese architect Liang Sicheng, a pioneer of heritagepreservation, described the Zhongzhouxian as possibly the world'slongest and greatest north-south central axis.

"The unique beauty of.


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