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Every great leader knows that there is a time to take the helm and provide the direction needed to achieve goals and objectives []Trey Burke Knicks Jersey[/url] , whether they are heading a sports team, a school, an emergency response group or a business. Great leaders also know that there will inevitably be a time to let go and hand the reins to someone else. Unfortunately, many business leaders know that theoretically, but do little in a practical sense to make it happen.
Most leaders genuinely want the business to continue to be successful when their tenure is over. Without a structured succession or exit plan in place []Tracy McGrady Knicks Jersey[/url] , however, they are making the transition much harder for their trusted staff. This is particularly so if the new leader comes from outside the business and doesn’t know the culture or the aspirations of the team.
A Succession and Exit Plan is Like a Good Roadmap
Affinity Accounting Plus is a firm of Brisbane Accountants with an active programme in place to encourage their clients to undertake structured Succession and Exit Planning. This process plans the orderly transfer of the business to the new owners who may be strangers or, in a family business, to sons, daughters or other family members. The benefit of doing such an exercise in a structured manner with a financial expert from outside the organisation is that the difficult questions will be asked and answers expected. This often doesn’t happen when the organisation tries to do this in-house.
Business as Usual Gives Confidence []Phil Jackson Knicks Jersey[/url] , Creates Continuity
A smooth transition means that the business continues to trade and grow with very little in the way of external change that is perceptible to employees, suppliers, business associates and other stakeholders. This creates an impression of stability as the systems and processes that everyone is familiar with continue as usual. It gives confidence to the bankers and suppliers that debts will be met, and any work in progress will be delivered.
The process for developing both succession and exit plans is similar with slight differences in the focus, depending upon the purpose for which they are intended. A succession plan typically is designed to smooth the handover to family members once the owner has decided that she wants more leisure time or full retirement. It seeks to preserve the attributes that made the business successful []Mitchell Robinson Knicks Jersey[/url] , while allowing the new managers the freedom to innovate.
An exit plan recognises that the most valuable businesses are those that do not require a full time commitment from the leader. Getting the business to this point allows the owner to go on an extended holiday knowing that everything will still function. It is also the best way to set the business up for commercial sale. Knowing where all the legal documentation is located, having a structure that is commercially attractive and protecting the interests of the remaining staff are some of the issues that will be discussed.
Affinity Accounting Plus has assisted many of its clients to make the break from their business in a smooth, orderly fashion. The succession and exit plan becomes a blueprint for what needs to happen, and action plans can then be developed for assigning tasks and responsibilities to others. Visit for further explanations and contact details. This process needs professional guidance to ensure that the leader walks away with anticipation and not regret.

Games > Game Genres > Sports GamesPlaying Online Sports Games in Virtual Reality
Posted by nick_niesen in Games on October 29th, 2010

Sports games involve high quality 3D graphics and high-speed animation and special effects that allow users to play such games as soccer []Michael Beasley Knicks Jersey[/url] , baseball, snooker, and other games on computers and on the internet. The advances in software and graphics technology have made software renditions of such games next to real and fun.

Before the rise of software and computer technology, few would have imagined playing baseball in virtual reality or on computers. These were games to be played outdoors, in lush green parks []Mark Jackson Knicks Jersey[/url] , or on the street. Now we can play them on monitor screens in ones bedroom, or online with other players.

Some of the games that are popular today include the following:
Billiards A combination of letter keys and the mouse allow the player to aim and shoot with high precision. The rules remain the same, and the visual effects are 3-dimensional.
Bowling A number of customizable ball, 3 alleys, and near-realistic ball and pin movements make this club game come alive in your drawing room.
Tennis A 3 set tennis match against the computer allows amateurs to try their hands with this game. The players and the strength of the hits are controlled by combining mouse dragging and a few keys.
Snow Boarding An obstacle filled race that gives more points the earlier you finish. The controls as usual are with the mouse and keyboard. You get the choice of listening to background music as well.

Most of the virtual games are a test of ones hand-to-eye coordination. It is a skill that comes with practice. The levels of the games differ and the usual options available are beginners []Mario Hezonja Knicks Jersey[/url] , intermediate and advanced. Since the games are played against a computer software, the level of difficulty in limited by the quality of programming.

To learn more about playing online sports games, visit >online sports games

WASHINGTON, Oct. 3 (Xinhua) -- The U.S. economy continued to add a considerable number of new jobs in September, and the jobless rate fell to the lowest level since July 2008 []Kevin Knox Knicks Jersey[/url] , the Labor Department said Friday, another evidence that the world's top economy is well on track to a booming recovery.

Except August, the job gains have been above 200,000 for seven months. After revision, employment gains were 69 []John Starks Knicks Jersey[/url] ,000 more than previously reported in July and Augu. []Bradley Chubb Jersey[/url] []Authentic Amari Cooper Jersey[/url] []Alex Smith Womens Jersey[/url] []Adam Thielen Womens Jersey[/url] []Aaron Rodgers Youth Jersey[/url] []Von Miller Youth Jersey[/url] []Tom Brady Youth Jersey[/url] []Todd Gurley II Youth Jersey[/url] []T. J. Watt Kids Jersey[/url] []Stefon Diggs Vikings Jersey[/url]


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