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HELSINKI, Jan. 17 (Xinhua) -- A shooting incident took place on Tuesday at the refugee reception center at Rekola, southeastern Finland, but there were no casualties, local media reported.

Security cameras captured the arrival and departure of a car and the shooter stepping out early Tuesday. At least one bullethole in a door window was found.

By Tuesday night, the police had not found the shooter or established a motive. The Red Cross center houses 130 asylum seekers.

Arja Vainio, the district manager of the Red Cross in Kouvola, told local newspaper Kouvolan Sanomat that the attack was surprising as earlier attacks took place soon after the asylum seekers had arrived in the area.

Rekola is close to the Keltokangas refugee center, the target of a Molotov cocktail attack in 2015. The attacker was later sentenced one year imprisonment.

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You need to home on to that attorney who will not ride rough shod on many cases by taking them all up together. Also, it’s critical that when there seems to be no quick decision by the court, heshe must stand by you right through to the end of the case. If there are far too many clients, you’ll probably not get the attention you deserve.

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