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This is the thread reading mode page. Topic: 30-75hp Tractor Mounted Work width 48-78 cm Peanut Harvester advantages?.

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Topic: 30-75hp Tractor Mounted Work width 48-78 cm Peanut Harvester advantages?

Date 10/01/19 08:51 Views 8 Replies
  30-75hp Tractor Mounted Work width 48-78 cm Peanut Harvester equipment newly developed in recent years, why is this equipment popular with users? Because this device has its unique advantages, what are the advantages of this device? Let me explain it to you today.
Compared with traditional products, this product has the following advantages:
The unique hydraulic high-position automatic unloading function adopts one-shot operation, which speeds up the unloading of grain and has high efficiency; the height of unloading grain can reach 1.5 meters, which is convenient and quick to adapt to unloading grain of trucks of different heights.
The crawler belt is used as the walking chassis, which is easy to operate and has low labor intensity; good stability during work; flexible and quick ground turning; large driving force and good passability; light compaction on the ground, and the soil is soft and not knotted after the operation.
The traditional Fufu is mostly a smooth-faced conifer. When working, there is a phenomenon of pushing and congesting. The effect of the abutment is not good, and the leakage rate is increased. This product adopts a conical spiral weigher, which helps the lodging of the vines better, which is more conducive to clamping and creping, thus reducing the loss rate.
Using the latest National III engine as the power, compared with the National 2 engine, it is more environmentally friendly, the power torque is significantly increased, the fuel is less, and the harvesting cost is greatly reduced.

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