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  Below are our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Please take a moment of your time to read what we expect of our members and how we are devoted to protecting your privacy.

Terms of Use

1. is keeping close to third persons personal information, except that info wich user put in for public sight. The e-mail address is not for public sight.

2.When persons is publishing photos and personal information persons agree, that this information will be available to every internet user ( which are available to other users can be loaded in their computers or cell phones).

3. can't guarantee complete information data safety,what is sent by internet.

4. is not responsible for information what put in other persons,if You notice that somebody breakes author's right or otherwise breakes low of the Republic of Latvia or Your human rights,then report that to us. is not responsible for liability what proceeded by using portal and information or services of portal.

5.In portal can register persons which have reached 18 years. When user is registering person realizes, that portal is for adult users.

6.When user is registering he has to tell real name, age, sex and other necessary information, account will be removed if information will be false.

7.At photos user has to be recognizable, photos have to be with high quality.

8.Photos can't be contradict with legislation of the Republic of Latvia, at photos can't interpret illegal,unnatural and unethical sights and actions. Forbidden to use other persons photos or photos which are protected by author's right.

9. users have to treat each other with respect and understanding.User can't public discriminately information or information, what can injure somebody's pride, race or sex. is not responsible for information what publiced users.

10. Users can't use for comercial purpose if user didn't co-ordinate with EuroFriends.seadministration in written form.

11. When You are giving other persons e-mail address, You are responsible,that this person agree to preserve his e-mail in data basis according to physical persons data protecting law.

12. keeps rights to remove any user, users data,even if user has used pay services, and with out showing reasons.

13. Users duty is to report with out delay, about other users trespass.

14. keeps rights to modify portal, to change theese rules, to change service prices, to use for comercial purposes users publiced information with out warning portal users.

15.When user registers he agrees to receive news, from which he can unsubscribe in users profile.

Quick Guide

How to meet?
To meet with someone, You have to register in portal, then You have to put in description about yourself and few photos. Your photos will take a part in estimation and other users will have chance to see them and to look Your profile too and perhaps somebody of them will send You message.

I didn't receive registration confirm
Registration confirm is sent at once with registration form filling, but sometimes You are getting e-mail to Your mailbox after some time, because sometimes e-mail servers are testing it to viruses and spams, so You are getting e-mail later.

If You didn't receive registration confirm, then please send corresponding message to portals administration.

I forgot my password

Our employees don't know Your password, so we can't remind the old one, but You can make only new one. It is for safety reasons, to protect Your profile from malicious use.

If You forgot Your password, You can create new one by click on link Lost password ?. You must fill a form and after your data have been checked, our system send email with coded link to your email, you typed in registration form. When you click to this coded link you will be redirect to our site page where our system offers you to create new password.

For what I have to pay?
Portal use is for free at the present.

We will inform you about new our options and if we start offer some supplement services for payment.
Some new options will comming soon, for example: for sending photo to cell phone, suplement photo place, to get unvisible status, to get VIP status with extras, for sending message to users cell phone and so on.
Perhaps just named options is not available so You don't have to pay for anything.

What photos I can load in?
More about that read in using rules chapter.

What to do if somebody is using mine, my friends or famous people photos?
In this case, please report to portals administration. And every registered users duty is to report about that to portals administration according to registration and using rules.

What to do If somebody is sending spam and rude texts?
About those users, please report to portals administration. is sending me various e-mails, but I don't want to receive them, what to do?
Portal is sending e-mails in two cases:
If the user is registered in portal and pointed in profile settings that he wants to receive e-mails
If any person introduce in portal Your e-mail address, then You can receive invitations or registration confirm
If You don't want to receive messages from portal, then registered users have to point it in profile settings, and unregistered have possibilityto unsubscribe.

In this list I didn't find answer to my question
Then please ask this question to portals administration by click on link Contact us placed on the bottom of any site page.

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